Utah Arts Festival

The largest event of its kind in Utah, the annual Utah Arts Festival has been the destination of more than 80,000 people for the past 30 years. The event began in 1976, and is held on four days toward the end of June. It is often considered the beginning of summer for the residents of Salt Lake City. The festival occupies a three-block area of the city’s downtown area.

At the Utah Arts Festival, eager patrons will find a myriad of activities to attend and even take part in. There are more than 130 visual artists on site, each having a dedicated booth. In these booths, one can find various forms of art including paintings, sculpture, pottery, jewelry, photography, and even toys. Many of these items are available for purchase, as well as reproductions of the original works.

For those who enjoy theater, music, and poetry the Utah Arts Festival has five different venues hosting more than 100 performing artists and groups. On the music and theater stages, a great many acts perform, drawing both from local talent and nationally recognized organizations and groups. People seeking forums that are more intimate will find two café-themed venues. The first holds a gallery of the spoken word, with performances by some of the area’s finest poets and storytellers. The second is a haven for solo acoustic performers, where customers can relax with a fine glass of wine or a cup of specialty coffee.

Patrons who have a fascination with great food will find themselves satisfied by more than 18 culinary artists, each with a variety of food from all over the world. From the basic American favorites, to the high-end of culinary delicacies, few will leave without sampling something. There is also an array of favorite beverages, including fine wine, coffee, tea, beer, soda, and others. The Utah Arts Festival truly has something for everyone, including activities designed purely for children.

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