Grants For The Arts

Everyone has heard of the old phrase “Starving Artist.” Today’s society, however, has a great respect for artists of all types, and there are many programs out there designed to help the artist continue his or her work. For either individuals or groups, there are plenty of grants for the arts available, grants of all sizes. The trick, however, is finding out where they are, how to apply, and what the requirements and limitations are.

First, there are grants for the arts from the government. Usually these can be found on the websites of the federal and state governments. Oftentimes, these grants go largely unused, because they can be notoriously hard to find. Over the last few years, however, people have been working to make the grant availability information more public and to simplify the search.

Another easy place to find grants is at educational institutions, and they are often listed on the school’s website or found with a search engine. Obviously, arts driven schools are the first avenue of approach here, as most have some type of grants for the arts. Other popular traditional universities and colleges are also good locations to look for lucrative opportunities. Smaller institutions will have money available as well, though it may not be as much.

Large corporations often provide funds for artists as well. Many try to put money back into the communities they occupy, so look locally for these types of grants for the arts. While at the local level, money may also be available from local communities groups and charities, as well as individual donors. As a last resort, there are also services that will do the searching for you, at various charges.

Wherever the grant for the arts is obtained, the application process needs careful consideration. The details of the grant must be read carefully. It may require a certain amount of education, that work is done in a certain medium, or there may be age requirements. Some grants are awarded to certain groups of people, as well. Last, but not least, the application directions must be followed to the letter, any mistakes could disqualify or delay the application. After the application is processed, it may take time to receive the grant.

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