Culinary Arts College

In the present-day United States, schools catering to the culinary arts one of the fastest-growing areas of education. Cooking is at the heart of the culinary arts college, but since these schools began opening in the early 1900s, the overall makeup of the curriculum has advanced significantly. Part food and part business, the schools have expanded to make their students proficient in many areas of the food industry.

The education received at a typical culinary arts college begins with the basics of cooking. This includes how to handle food safely, how to maintain sanitary conditions, basic measurements, meal planning, food science, and nutrition. Students then learn baking skills, stovetop preparation, knife skills, and cooking theory. An overview of the history of culinary arts, flavor, and cultural differences is taught as well. Then the program goes into the gourmet foods essentials, including decoration, design, and presentation.

Another part of the program focuses on the professional nature of the kitchen. The culinary arts college teaches students how a professional kitchen is setup, where the food is processed, and the importance of communication and an efficient workflow. With so many machines in the average kitchen, significance is also placed on how to safely use the appliances and how to properly maintain them.

The third major part of a culinary program deals with the business side of cooking. Depending on the industry the student gravitates toward, a culinary arts college can teach many skills. For instance, students are introduced to catering and are taught how to manage large amounts of food, storage and transportation of ingredients and foods, food presentation, and customer service. Students going into the restaurant business learn the essentials of quick and efficient cooking, food presentation, the economics of the business, and management necessities. The bar service, management and beverage preparation sections help those who desire to work in or own a bar. When the student leaves the culinary arts college, he or she will have a well-rounded set of skills to excel in the food service industry.

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