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Arts and crafts have always played a role in both entertainment and necessity. While often a hobby or pastime, many arts and crafts result in items that are practical and useful. Some of the nation’s most notable and historic forms of arts and crafts arose from those classic, early values of thrift and productive use of time.

Quilting is one of the historic arts and crafts that enjoy an enduring popularity, with many quilters today creating works that are just as imaginative and creative as those that came before them. Thrifty, practical and productive, scrap quilts made use of the leftover materials from other household sewing projects, such as the making of clothes, to create visual wonders of geometric patterns and other eye-pleasing, warm bedcovers.

Arts and crafts of various types are enjoyed by a broad range of people, whether they are created in the basement or garage with power tools, or in the home or classroom with textiles, paints, paper or other materials. There are numerous books and websites that offer ideas and detailed instructions for all types of skill levels and interests. Most areas have a variety of classes available locally to help those interested get started in the arts and crafts of their choice or to enjoy the fellowship and exchange of ideas that comes from crafting in a group with similar interests.
The popularity of arts and crafts is reflected in the numerous festivals and gatherings throughout the country devoted to the different types of arts and crafts popular today. At these events, there are usually displays, competitions and unique craft items and materials for sale. Another type of arts and crafts event that is often both educational and inspirational are exhibits of historic crafts and demonstrations of the crafting techniques of times past.

Arts and crafts are a wonderful way to enjoy the tangible satisfactions of creation. The items created are sure to please the eye and serve their purposes for a long time to come. With all the arts and craft resources available, you’ll have no trouble finding the right arts and crafts project for you.

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