Alabama School Of Fine Arts

For children in the state of Alabama, or the surrounding area, there are very few educational opportunities greater that what is found at the Alabama School of Fine Arts in Birmingham, serving grades 7-12. In addition to the normal array of academic programs, the school offers extended programs designed to nurture a student’s creative exploration of the worlds of the arts and sciences. Courses are offered in Creative Writing, Theatre, Dance, Music, Visual Arts, Science and Mathematics.

Evolving from a set of extra-curricular after-school programs in 1968 to a full-time school in the present day, the Alabama School of Fine Arts has earned a great reputation, which draws even out-of-state students. Because the students may come from great distances, on-campus housing is offered, and often paid for through scholarships. For students from states other than Alabama, a tuition fee applies as well.

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Though the focus on great education brings a longer than average school day, eight and a half hours including lunch, students enjoy a rich life at the Alabama School of Fine Arts. The faculty and Student Government Association work together to create after-school events such as dances and parties, and other activities to entertain and socialize. Students also participate in theatre and musical performances regularly held in various areas of the city and on-campus. Educational and Arts-related field trips are held many times a year, allowing children to gain real-world knowledge. In addition, the school holds several competitions a year relating to math and science, and they compete with other schools in some of these events.

Furthermore, the Alabama School of Fine Arts has a great support system in place for its students, beginning with the faculty supervisor located in each dormitory of 90 students. The school provides off-campus transportation, counseling, on-campus basic health services, support groups, and group guidance meetings, held twice a week. The Alabama School of Fine Arts has envisioned and brought to life a fabulous system to make each student a great contribution to society.

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